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  • What materials can use Quick-dry ink cartridge?

    What materials can use Quick-dry ink cartridge?

    2017-07-04 [ Industry News ]

    How quick-dry ink cartridge inkjet printer apply to metal inkjet. Oily ink cartridge inkjet printer is low cost running model. There is no need to add any mixture solvent, saving ink and consumables. Oily ink cartridge inkjet printer is safe and environmental for metal package inkjet. Environmental oily ink never pollute ptinring object. It is the first choice for beverage and food industry mark package.Quick-dry ink cartridge inkjet printer adopts to one button boot, easy to change ink cartridge. Sealing ink supply system make the ink safer. Multifunctional inkjet printer can printer bitmap f......


  • Quality Ink, Worth Choice

    Quality Ink, Worth Choice

    2017-06-28 [ Industry News ]

    Inkjet printer ink cartridge basic knowledge include: The PH of ink cartridge is in 7-8, so it doesn't have corrosiveness and won't damage the printing materials. The appropriate ink viscosity can prevent nozzle from blocking. Electrical conductivity of ink stands for the saltness of it. Don't crystallize the ink or corrode the nozzle membrane nozzle. The ink type can be devided into pigment ink and dye ink according to color. It also can be devided into water based ink and oily ink according to solvent.1.What should we do if the ink or solvent were got on skin?Take off the dirty c......


  • Inkjet Printer Protect Food Security

    Inkjet Printer Protect Food Security

    2017-06-20 [ Industry News ]

    In current times, food security has been a hot topic all over the world. Terrible food security problems appear continuously and reported by news. Therefore we are worried that we may pay lot of money but get the out of date and harmful products. As the living level rised, we pay more attention to the product quality. We would like to choose a reliable product rather than the low cost one. If the seller could print the expiry date and its business mark, it will bring a good impression on consumers undoubtly. While shopping, we would rather buy the products which has expiry date and product inf......


  • Wish A Reliable, Stable High-Resolution Inkjet Printer?

    Wish A Reliable, Stable High-Resolution Inkjet Printer?

    2017-04-27 [ Industry News ]

    To choose a reliable, stable and high resolution inkjet printer from all the coding equipments on the market, have you ever think about what condition it must be required?The biggest advantage of HP TIJ tech compared to other technology is Free Maintenance. How to make this come true?No matter you are a distributor or a consumer, you have the same concern -- the economic loss caused by the unstable equipment. For distributors, it means you have to spend a lot of energy providing after sale service. If the production line is a continuous one, then your technician need to be on call 24 hour......


  • Importance of inkjet printer supplies

    Importance of inkjet printer supplies

    2017-04-26 [ Industry News ]

    Meenjet inkjet printer has a wide range of printing contents: Chinese, English, number, symbol, QR code, bar code, image, date, counter, variable data, etc. It can apply to board, carton, stone, pipe, cable, metal, plastics, electronics, auto parts, anti-counterfeit label, food package, daily chemical products, pharmaceutical industry, etc.Inkjet printer are applied to all walks of life. For large companies, the using number of inkjet printers is even up to hundreds. There are many different kinds and prices of inkjet printers on the market. Some people choose the expensive, and others picked ......


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