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  • Xiantong offers OEM supports

    Xiantong offers OEM supports

    2017-05-09 [ OEM/ODM ]

    Wuhan Xiantong Technology CO.,LTD, never stop growing over years.Xiantong Team well knows: it must be based on the real understanding to meet people's needs and application. Thus the team always specializes in various applications of printing machines in different industries.With excellent R&D team, Xiantong is one of the few manufacturers that can support customized products. Xiantong offers machines with OEM order, to meet customer's comprehensive needs. So the customer could use the machines with their own brand. All the machines will be locked with Security chip, so that the OE......


  • The 3 key elements for a successful TIJ installation

    The 3 key elements for a successful TIJ installation

    2019-11-05 [ DOC ]

    We offer and ship our thermal inkjet (TIJ) coding printers all over the world and in some instances around the globe, yet we don't need a single field service technician. "How is this possible?", you ask! Well, the Hewlett-Packard® driven thermal inkjet engine is maintenance free and simple to use. We call it a self-installation technology. That being said, there are three key elements to a successful install, which I'll cover here with three simple terms and definitions.1. THROW DISTANCEThis is the distance from the print head to the surface you are printing on. This technol......


  • What You Must Know About Meenjet

    What You Must Know About Meenjet

    2017-04-25 [ FAQ ]

    As a high-tech enterprise, Xiantong Company is devoted to manufacture Meenjet brand inkjet printers. The printing performance would change because different printing material surface has different characteristics. Meenjet offers inkjet code marking solutions according to different industries to meet different needs of customers. In order to solve customers' doubt, we provide some common questions for reference. If you would like to know more, just feel free to contact us.1, Can this printer print my product?We have water-based ink cartridge and quick dry ink cartridge to suit different mat......


  • Video of Application

    Video of Application

    2017-05-09 [ DOC ]

    Meenjet inkjet printers are applied to many industries and used in printing on different materials. The videos in the article only choose parts of printing effects and don't stand for all the situations that we can apply. The products support simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese and English three language versions. We only choose parts of Chinese printing effects. If you have any question on our products, please feel free to contact us and we will offer 24-hour service for you.......


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